Ancanus' Wings Guide

Ancanus’ Wings Guide

This guide was written by Avinalaf of Tiamat, edited with picture by Jambo of Israphel.

Bored of old tired looking wings? get yourself some pretty ones with reasonable stats…

Ancanus’ Wing Feather/Skafir’s Wing Feather

Available for Level 60 or higher
Flight Time +75 HP +280
Maximum MP +188

This quest like most in Aion are chain ones, it starts with a daily ([Service/Daily/Group] Alpen’s Proof (not the cereal).
Repeat the quest 30 times (seems daunting but it’s not that bad), all the female mobs in the Eye of Tiamaranta can drop the epaulets but of course you have the pvp thrill added to that, the mobs I camp respawn every 15 mins and can drop between 3 and 5 epaulets per spawn (the southern spawn spot is near mobs for one of the Tia fort mithril medal quests so you can keep yourself busy between spawns or just murder the local mobs for free DP to morph with).

The mobs spawn in two locations in safe zones.

They come as a group of minions and a mini-boss, they all attack you at once, but dont hit hard.

Pop a reflect damage skill and let the minions kill themselves!

They give a dribble of AP, 14AP for the minions and 22ap for the mini-boss and a LOT of DP and can drop balic mats.

Once you have completed the repeat quest 30 times, it chains to the wings quest which requires 150 epaulets, again it seems daunting but if you bind to Petro Outpost and kisk near the other spawn site you can just flick between the two.

Now you have your new wings!


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